Virtual Human

With the continuous maturation and application of technology, the value and imagination of Metaverse is huge. Corresponding to the real world, each virtual person IP (virtual actors, virtual singers, virtual KOLs, virtual internet celebrities, etc.), virtual avatars of enterprises (virtual spokespersons), AI virtual people (training officers, doctors, teacher customer service, etc.), each Individuals' virtual avatars, and virtual content surrounding their corresponding culture, entertainment, services, and social interactions, will constitute a mainstream new world of Metaverse. Mofa is committed to providing full-stack technology and product services for creating, educating, and employing people for the 3D virtual world, and provides intelligent and industrialized infrastructure for the production of 3D virtual content.

The whole process of industrialization realizes the creation of high-quality various identity virtual people and AI virtual people

Based on an intelligent and industrialized production pipeline and a strong art team, Mofa Technology can realize the full-process efficient and high-quality production of various virtual people, including super-realistic characters, three-dimensional beautiful characters, 2.5-dimensional characters, two-dimensional characters, Cartoon characters etc.

Hyperrealistic character

Three-dimensional beauty character

2.5-dimensional character

Two-dimensional role

Cartoon character

High-efficiency and high-quality virtual content production

Using original graphics technology, AI core technology and professional art capabilities, through intelligent and industrialized virtual content collaborative production cloud platform, professional and consumer-level virtual live broadcast products, and AI virtual human capability platform, high quality and high efficiency can be achieved , Large-scale production of various types of virtual content, allowing virtual people to output high-frequency online and offline interactive or operational content, becoming an "idol" that "never collapses".

Help marketing gain and business realization

The virtual person itself has technological attributes and plasticity, and the continuous virtual content operation ensures that it can work 7X24 hours without being restricted by time and space. Behind all the attention is the continuous improvement of IP value. IP traffic and all kinds of virtual content production also provide a key channel for commercial realization.

Using its full-stack self-developed virtual person technology and full-process 3D virtual content intelligent and industrialized production services, Mofa has helped pan-entertainment, cultural tourism, consumer and other industries to create many benchmark identity virtual people, such as virtual idols , Virtual KOLs, virtual spokespersons, virtual fashionistas, etc.; empowering e-commerce, finance, education, medical, communications and other industries to create AI virtual people with landing applications, such as virtual anchors, virtual customer services, virtual teachers, virtual Psychologists, etc., at the same time meet the high-quality, high-efficiency, and large-scale virtual content production requirements surrounding virtual people, complete the realization of commercial value and continuously expand the value attributes of virtual people.