Virtual Content

Virtual content is the mirror image of video content and various real-time interactive content in reality. Large-scale production is the basis for the construction of the meta-universe, and it has become the most scarce resource. On the one hand, the content produced by relying on traditional production methods is far from meeting the needs of the stock market; on the other hand, the accelerating virtual world has also spawned a large number of virtual content needs, including movies, animation, games, Virtual long content based on fan dramas, high-frequency, socialized short content, such as short videos, as well as virtual live broadcasts and offline real-time interactions, etc., which promote the continuous iterative update of the productivity of virtual content production on the supply side, and high quality Virtual content and high-efficiency production capacity have become pain points that the industry needs to solve urgently.


Taking intelligence as the starting point to realize the industrialization of virtual content production
creating Three-dimensional virtual content intelligent creation and interactive platform, reconstruct the virtual The form of the content industry.

All kinds of long, medium and short virtual content
(Movies, animations, dramas, games, medium and short videos, pictures)

Virtual live broadcast
Offline real-time interaction

High quality, high efficiency, large-scale、Create and create any
virtual characters: cartoons, two-dimensional, super-realistic virtual people

Virtual human interaction

Film and television animation Game Short video Variety Show Virtual live broadcast Virtual idol Virtual hosting Virtual employee Virtual teacher Virtual doctor Virtual customer service Offline interaction

Long content

Film and television animation, games, variety shows

Short content

TVC, short video, graphics, etc.

Virtual live broadcast

Virtual host, live teaching, game live broadcast, e-commerce live broadcast, etc.

Offline interaction

Press conferences, fashion exhibitions, concerts, theme parks, etc.

AI virtual human

Customer service, training officers, teachers, doctors, consultants, etc.