Business Scenario

In the Metaverse era, everything is interconnected and everything is a medium. With the help of technology and platform-based facilities, "everything" has become the carrier and export of the virtual reality world. The overall development of the virtual industry presents the characteristics of vertical integration, cross-border layout, and ecological integration. Industry boundaries are gradually disappearing, and the content industry has spawned a new social division of labor, thereby changing the traditional industrial production relationship form and forming a new industrial value system. This is mainly reflected in the pan-entertainment content IP application scenarios centered on content, corporate marketing scenarios centered on corporate virtual people, and idol IP centered on people with identity characteristics in various fields. Ecological development.

Subvert the form of industrial production relations and present a new pan-entertainment value ecology

Fragmented, scattered dot pattern

  • Traditional long content

    Lack of high-quality, high-efficiency production capacity

  • Socialized new content

    Need to unlock

  • Well-known content IP

    Limited operation & monetization content form

The traditional form of content is dominated by long content, and the commercialization path around IP such as film and television and games is relatively single. For example, most of the extension products of a famous film and television IP are only in the form of IP authorization, and a small number of them are also trying to link movies and games, but they are unable to fully and deeply explore the value of IP, and integrate and develop the content form that combines the Internet, virtual and reality.

The meta-universe era will change the traditional business mode, presenting the characteristics of long-short linkage, real-time, and interactive in the operation and monetization mode of content IP.

New technology, new content, new operation, new ecology

Mofa Technology relies on Three-dimensional virtual content production intelligent cloud platform, Virtual live broadcast and offline real-time interactive products provide key platform-based technologies and content services for the new business form of content IP. Various types of content forms with cultural and entertainment content IP as the core meet the needs of new content forms in the meta-universe era.

  • 虚拟偶像
  • 影视IP
  • 城市IP
  • 文旅IP
  • 游戏IP

Breaking the virtual reality margin of the consumer market, "virtual +" empowers enterprise applications in all scenarios

The Internet enters the second half, and as the Z era gradually becomes the main consumer of the market, life, entertainment, and consumption under virtual reality interaction are no longer separate from each other, but complement each other and blend with each other. Focusing on the consumption and traffic characteristics of the new ecology, corporate marketing growth and information services have also turned into the main battlefield of virtual reality competition.

At present, on the one hand, companies are aware of the trend of virtualization in the meta-universe era, and there is a huge demand for creating corporate virtual people (such as virtual spokespersons, virtual training officers, virtual customer services, etc.). On the other hand, a variety of corporate virtual persons have emerged in the consumer market. However, due to the lack of high-quality content and high-efficiency production capacity, the form of content is generally limited, only a single image, or low-to-medium quality. Short videos cannot produce high-quality and continuous content. This is undoubtedly far from being able to meet the product and content needs of enterprises with multiple forms of IP, socialization, real-time interaction, and IP linkage.

Mofa Technology's three virtual world product systems (3D virtual content production intelligent cloud platform, Virtual live broadcast and offline real-time interactive products, AI Virtual Human Ability Platform) provides video-based virtual The full-stack, platform-based virtual person creation and content service with the characteristics of real-time and real-time interaction breaks market bottlenecks, meets the needs of enterprise IP multi-form and diversified virtual person creation and use, and helps companies in brand building, marketing growth and internal Transform and upgrade in management and operate efficiently.

Case display

Enterprise virtual spokesperson enters the live broadcast room for real-time interaction

·Tmall virtual spokesperson Miao Jiang

The virtual spokesperson of the enterprise serves as the host

·Elena, virtual host of jewelry brand

AI virtual person serves as the anchor of enterprise e-commerce

·Morfa Technology Original IP Virtual Human Mushroom Sauce

AI virtual person serves as corporate virtual training officer

·Morfa Technology's original super-realistic virtual person Ada

Virtual corporate spokespersons attend offline events

· L'Oréal Group's first virtual spokesperson Ms

Empower the virtual IP ecosystem and enhance the value of the IP ecosystem in the vertical field

Looking at the industry, it is currently in the early stage of virtualization construction. On the one hand, the creation of virtual idols and virtual KOLs in all walks of life is in full swing, and many virtual IPs have emerged. The industry is in the blue ocean. On the other hand, due to the lack of intelligent, industrialized, standardized, and platform-based content production services in the market, and the high cost of creating a virtual person, virtual IP cannot be replicated on a large scale, and there is a lack of high-quality and efficient content production capacity. , Has become a pain point that the industry needs to solve urgently.

Mofa Technology takes intelligence as the starting point to create 3D virtual content production intelligent cloud platform, virtual live broadcast and offline real-time interactive products, AI Virtual Human Ability Platform, for virtual idols or KOLs in all walks of life to provide full-stack technology and product services for creating, educating, and employing people, and at the same time, it can provide virtual idols or KOLs with high Quality, high-efficiency, and large-scale virtual content production services enable the construction of a virtual IP ecosystem and enhance the value of virtual IP in various fields.

Restricted content form Human set is not three-dimensional Unable to scale Low-quality content production
Absolutely controllable Virtual IP set low risk Can work anytime, anywhere Scalable replication

Original virtual IP — Ling

Original virtual KOL operation
His debut has attracted the attention of entertainment, technology, and mainstream media at home and abroad. He is the first virtual person to appear on the CCTV variety show "Hua Cai Youth". Weibo fans have nearly 400,000 fans. Peacebird, KEEP, Tissot, RT-Mart, Parkson, etc. have achieved cross-border cooperation.

Original Virtual IP — Sam & Liz

Create a virtual fashionista in all dimensions
Shooting commercials for luxury brands
Shooting fashion photos for Nike
and Chaoy Yang on the cover of SuperEllE
and shooting micro-films

Virtual idol empowerment

Dimensional interpretation of virtual idols
Virtual idol group — WL.S Virtual Actor — Crane