Three-dimensional virtual content production intelligent cloud platform

High-quality virtual content and high-efficiency production capacity are the most scarce resources in the meta-universe era. The 3D virtual content production intelligent cloud platform is based on self-developed computer graphics technology and AI core technology, combined with professional art capabilities, to build an intelligent, process-oriented, standardized, automated, and platform-based virtual content production "cloud factory". In this way, it connects upstream and downstream, fully integrates industry productivity, solves the core pain points of quality, efficiency, and production capacity of the virtual content industry, helps build a new virtual content industry chain, and promotes the supply-side reform of the tradi

Intelligent tool chain
Standardized full process QC
Robotic process automation
Intelligent management of production information
Cloud collaboration between suppliers of various processes
Deeply cultivate the industry, covering all forms of virtual content
Virtual content production process
Producer, manager, enabler
From intelligence, process, standardization, automation, to the final realization of cloud industrialization, Xmov creates a virtual content production pipeline
  • Long video (film and animation, games, fan dramas, variety shows, etc.)

  • Short video (TVC, Vlog, etc.)

  • Picture (KV, poster, etc.)

· CCTV Variety Show Huacai Youth x Ling

·Netease game "After Tomorrow" promotional video


· "The King of Fighters Real" promotional video

·Tmall virtual spokesperson Miao Jiang debut video

·Mobile Legends Carnival Party

·Fun Duoduo Virtual Spokesperson Advertising

·Film and television animation "Fight Back 45 Seconds"