Build virtual world infrastructure

Metaverse is accelerating

In "Metaverse", everything in the real world will be mirrored in the virtual world. Not only that , All people and their social interactions and experiences will be virtually connected. People no longer deliberately distinguish whether everything around is a physical real existence or a digital virtual existence, thus forming a virtual reality that combines reality and reality, interacts with everything, and is endless. world. This will undoubtedly be a new world that is richer and broader than the real world, with great imagination and commercial value. At that time, your virtual avatars, the virtual idols that the public love, the virtual spokespersons of our companies, the service virtual people active in all walks of life, etc., as well as all the cultural entertainment, service, and social activities surrounding them Sexual virtual content will constitute a mainstream "Metaverse".

Virtual world "1+2+3+X" ecological development pattern

Mofa Technology came into being, committed to providing intelligent and industrialized infrastructure for 3D virtual content production; providing full-stack technology and product services for creating, educating, and employing people for the virtual world, and creating a virtual world infrastructure platform. Relying on a high-tech R&D team, with full-stack self-developed computer graphics and AI core technologies, combined with professional art capabilities, Mofa Technology has built three key platform-based product lines in the virtual world, which have been completed in pan-entertainment and cultural tourism. , Consumer, e-commerce, finance, education, medical, communications and other fields of multi-dimensional layout and in-depth applications, forming a "1+2+3+X" ecological development pattern.


Building a virtual world


Big virtual world
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Big Virtual World
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