Leveraging on world-avant computer vision and graphic technologies, Xmov is fully committed to the creation and constant evolution of full-stack, AI driven, inhouse developed and consolidated digital assets enabling platform paradigm. The endeavor of the company in this regard started with the introduction of the first regional high-fidelity, simultaneous streaming ready, real time interacting embodied AI performance animation solution; and extended to the intelligent digital person scenarios where the digital person can assist real person with all sorts of service demands, a complex solution integrating AI performance animation technology, hyper-realistic character intelligent modeling and binding technology, intelligent animation and speech synthesis technology, and intelligent interaction technology.  
Behind Xmov’s industrial innovations are reputable investors such as Sequoia Capital, Chenxing Capital, Oriental Fortune,etc, who have collectively contributed to the company over 20 million US.


Infrastructurally based on high-fidelity and real-time interactive digital human solutions, we are enabling creative applications spanning over various industrial scenarios, making impossible nothing.

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